Case studies

What to choose IP network surveillance system?

  1. High definition: several times or even dozens of times clearer than the traditional analog monitoring system
  2. Integratability: can integrate various kinds of functions in the system easily, such as audio, alarm, remote control, intelligent analysis and other technologies
  3. Save cost and labor: transmitted in the network, can reduce the dosage of wire and then save manpower
  4. Easy installation and use
  5. Convenient maintenance
  6. Extendibility
  7. Centralized management

How many languages can our network IP camera support?

Supports 22 languages, including:
English, French, German, Romanian, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian,  Japanese,  Portuguese,  Russian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Simplified Chinese,  Traditional Chinese, Korean, Persian, Thai,  Vietnamese,

Why cannot access the network IP camera via Internet Explorer?

There can be more reasons for this problem. Please check:

  1. Is your IP address correct?
  2. Did you install the ActiveX controls?
  3. The IE security settings are not open and don’t allow ActiveX controls to run
  4. The firewall of PC blocks the ActiveX controls to run
  5. Check if user name and password for login are correct

Why delay, stumble or blurred screen for network IP camera?

It may be caused by:

  1. The poor quality of switch or hub
  2. Too many switches or hubs connected between the monitor and the IP camera


  1. Cameras and Recorders
    Camera and Recorders have 2 years warranty
  2. Accessories
    Accessories have warranty period 1 year.
  3. Terms and Conditions
    The warranty period starts as date on Invoice
    During the warranty, any defective product will get repaired or replaced for free;
    The warranty is unavailable for those products which are broken by the violence or the carelessness or repaired or altered without the authorization.